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Augmented reality remote assistance, projected to offer
quick decisions and resolutions

ERMES Remote Assistance is a solution that combines Augmented Reality (AR) with realtime communications to connect a technician in the field with an expert, so that the expert can see and discuss the situation on the field. The technician and the expert draw digital annotations (using the finger on the screen) that anchor with precision to the physical objects, allowing the operator to guide the technician through a process, step by step.


Communicate effectively with just one tool

  • Production and assistance:¬†strengthening of technicians with a remote expert guide for assistance, assembly or step-by-step inspection.
  • Workplace training:¬†increases the retention and accuracy of information with the ad hoc assistance of a supervisor or an instructor while a new technician completes the activities for the first time.


Multiple benefits

Provides accurate support to your employees and customers

Both expert and technician can accurately draw live in their views to highlight details or guide solutions. The annotations remain sticked, so the ad-hoc instructions remains accurate.

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce anytime, anywhere

ERMES Remote Assistance puts augmented reality in the hands of technicians via their smart devices without the use of complex and cumbersome equipment costs.

Save time, reduce service costs and travel expenses

The frontline worker can be supported by the most experienced team members with a reduction in the time needed for repair and without travel

Faster technical training

Remote tutoring of new technicians through modern digital learning methods effectively transfers the knowledge of more experienced workers, so that all team members can learn faster.


Useful for any sector and industry type

ERMES can be used by small or big teams of any industry type. It can be more than a remote support software for industries, being applied in whatever situation you need to communicate quickly, with efficiency and without margin for errors.


I want to know more!


iOS and Android support

Your company does not need to acquire any specific hardware to start using our remote assistance solution. Being developed for iOS and Android devices, ERMES takes advantage of the devices already in use by your company’s collaborators, and beyond that, it is intuitive and easy to use by anyone familiar with mobiles.


What you get

Support for different devices

Full Customization

Updates & Fixes

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